1 Less Cup | Saving the landfill from paper cups 1 re-useable cup at a time
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How it works

We work partner with charities that are working with environmental and social concerns to get a double-benefit. Less coffee cups in landfill, and funding for those that are proactively helping the environment.

The disposable coffee cup issue is not a small problem. Just in NZ there is 295 million per year being discarded. Join the movement!

There has been so much talk across the world about the plastic ridden Pacific garbage patch. Sadly there is a more immediate problem close to home that can be solved quite simply. NZ prides itself on its sophisticated coffee industry. But oh the mess. 295million coffee cups that go to a hole or holes in the ground is adding to an already huge waste management problem, particularly now that the Chinese no longer buy our waste from us. It’s actually staggering to think about.

Many articles have been written about the problem, very little about has been offered as a solution. And yet there is one. It involves the personal responsibility of us all. Then if we provide our own cups which get refilled and washed by individuals the footprint to us enjoying our favourite beverage would be minimal.

Contact us to see how we can partner with you.